My life as a Hotwife

Worth the wait~11

Wow! So much has happened in the past few months. I am sorry I haven’t kept you all posted! 

I will start with telling you about A. He is so hot, tall and covered in tattoos! A nice, sweet, dirty boy! We met when he came into my work with his sister. He is very shy so she asked me if I was single and since I am at work and they don’t really know about our kinky side I had to reluctantly say I was married. You have to understand this guy is so sexy I just couldn’t let my chance slip away so I quickly wrote on the back of her receipt that we are swingers. They left and she handed him the receipt. The look on his face was great……He came back in about 5 minutes later and handed me a piece of paper and left. It was his phone number! So on my break I sent him a text and we started talking. We met for a drink the next night. We talked for a really long time and came to find out we had tons in common. I had a few drinks and was really turned on by this guy. So we went to get some food to try and sober me up a little. As I was sitting in his car next to him I couldn’t help myself. I had to touch him. His cock was so hard. I had to get it in my mouth. I was sucking his cock and he had to pull over. I gave him head and he couldn’t hold it anymore. He asked me “can I cum?” I kept sucking but faster and harder and he came so hard in my mouth that it nearly just went right down my throat. His cum was so warm and I swallowed ever drop. I was so hot by this point all that he had to do was play with my pussy a tiny bit and I came so hard. I knew right away that this one was going to be lots of fun. 

A few nights later we made plans to go out again. 

We met up and went to this lake front park in our town. We walked around kissing and touching. He was wearing this cologne that reminded me of a boyfriend I had in high school. It was so fun and naughty to be hiding in the dark out in the open fucking and touching. I felt like a teenager again! The sex in the park was so hot! I had his cock in my mouth long enough to get him really hard and wet and he bent me over a table and fucked me so hard. We had to keep stopping because people would keep walking into the park. It made it so naughty and exciting. We moved from table to table just playing, touching and fucking. When he came I was so nervous about coming I didn’t cum. He then did my most favorite thing and banged me with his giant hands. I came so hard I swear I was about to squirt. I was flying high on this for a while. 

We had a few more times at the park and a few times at my place. Every time was amazing. The first time he came to fuck me at my house we came together. He was so much fun. We would hang out and talk and it was a little like having a boyfriend. Husband and I called him my boyfriend. This made mine and husbands playtime really hot. I started to get really attached to My sexy boyfriend. Then we both got busy and didn’t hang out as much. About a week went by and we didn’t talk. I was going to text him one day to hang out but he text me first! I was pretty excited until I read the text. He wanted to talk. FUCK!!!!! This is not going to be good. He is going to end it! He has found a girlfriend. So I went to talk and he said that he had started dating someone and wanted to let me know. Well since he is such a nice guy and I am not one to get in the way of my Bull’s happiness I said it was cool and yes, I was a little upset but I was really happy for him. We stayed friends. He still texts me and we still have a good friendship but I can no longer call him my Bull. I really hope his relationship works out. He is a great guy and deserves to be happy. FUCK!!!! Yes, I am trying to be a mature adult but God damn It! Come on guys, why do you all want to find a girlfriend?! 

This now posed a problem for me, I had to find a replacement! I started talking to a few different guys. 

I met a guy for a drink who I had been talking to for a few weeks and had a really great time. C is really interested in bondage and the artistic and sensual side of it. I am excited to explore this. Being tied up and fucked really turns me on. I have yet to meet up with him. Our schedules haven’t worked out to give us time to play yet. He is such a cool and fun guy. We share a lot of the same ideals and philosophies. He is very cute. His eyes are almost hypnotic. I can’t wait to be tied up and have him give me that intense stare. 

T was the next. We found out that we know all the same people. We have been in the same circle of friends for close to 15 years. How have we never met? He is so unbelievably hot. Great smile. Gorgeous eyes. BIG, AMAZING cock! He has a piercing! I have never been with a guy who had a ring in the end of his cock! I was pretty turned on when I got that first picture! Too bad I was at work! We had been texting back and forth and made plans to meet up. Then my cell phone got stolen. Great! Now I look like a giant asshole. So I rushed home after work and sent him a message to let him know I wasn’t trying to blow him off……And thanks mother nature for starting my lady time……..

So we made plans to meet up for a drink the next night at a bar we used to go to all the time, and somehow had never met! I got to the bar and got in line to get a drink. He walked in and I though, “Holy Fuck” he is cute in his pictures but there is nothing like seeing that smile in person. He is so incredibly hot. We sat down and talked for a while while. We finished our beers then went out for a smoke. I don’t know if it was him or me but at some point we couldn’t contain it and started kissing. I love a guy that can kiss, it is one thing that can turn me on so much. So We decided to leave the bar. As we were driving he pulled his cock out and I got to see the ring in person! It is amazing! So leaned over and started playing with it with my tongue. And Yes, I was able to deep throat it, even with the ring! I love playing with that ring in my mouth. I am sure he doesn’t mind it so much either. We get to his place and we are kissing hard and heavy. He knew it was lady time and said he didn’t care. Normally I would not have any part of having sex on my time but I couldn’t help myself. He bent me over the couch and fucked me so hard. Just remembering and writing about this right now is making my pussy tingle. He fucked me so hard and deep and with that ring it felt like having sex for the first time! I am a big fan of the piercing! Guys, if you don’t have one you should get one! His cock is so big and perfect and then there is this amazing addition! Ok I am going to stop rambling on about it and get back to the story! 

When we were done I took care of things and went and sat with him on the couch.  We were kissing and playing and both got turned on again. He said I was teasing him and I told him then maybe I need to be punished. He pushed me down on the floor on my knees and pulled down my panties and spit on my asshole and slid that giant cock in my ass. OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!! He held me by my throat and choked me while he punished my ass. This was so crazy hot. I came so fucking hard with his cock in my ass and his hands on my throat! When he was done I laid down on my back and felt like I was high. I love that feeling. I don’t do drugs anymore so to feel that naturally means the sex was GREAT! 

I made plans with him again the day after lady time ended and the sex was hard and rough, just the way I like it. my body was still getting back to it’s normal so things weren’t as perfect as I had hoped on my end. I can’t wait till next time to show him how much fun we are going to have. I will keep you all posted on the dirty times with this one. I really want to play out a kidnap/rape fantasy and he said he would be willing to do that! I am really looking forward to that! 

I had a drink with a guy, N. He is very sexy and a really cool guy who likes to be in control. He is a great kisser and once we are alone together I know his dominant side will take over and the sex will be great. 

My work schedule has been crazy in the past few weeks and I haven’t had as much time to play as i would like so hopefully they don’t get tired of waiting. I am worth the wait, I promise! 


“Lie still and open wide honey, here it comes, I can feel it… took a while, he really planted it very, very deep didn’t he?”

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After a long night out, this is what I long for….

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Hmmm…. A new Boyfriend to spend ALL my time with, while I train my husband to be a good house-bitch? I think I like this idea! :)

Oh my god! 100 people are actually enjoying my randomness! Thank you all so much!



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I’m game!

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I have a bull that worships women’s feet. This picture is for him! ;) 

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Playing with my favorite bull! We have taken hundreds of pictures! ;) 

My sexy ass new shoes! 


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Love this, REALLY love this…

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again, not my favorite material, but still nice

Welcome to BDSM, You are Loved here. ~10

Wow! What a crazy couple of weeks this has been….

We were introduced to a site for kinky people. They meet up outside of the computer and actually form “Play dates” and friendships. It’s pretty rad. Then we were invited to a dungeon. Yes, I said dungeon, and it was just that. The front of the place looked like any other. Very understated and non descript. As we got out of our truck we could hear screaming. A man was screaming. (oh crap what have we gotten ourselves into?) the top floor was private. The middle floor was very plain and normal looking and then the lower room on the middle floor was full of sex toys, chains, a pulley system, chairs, beds and even an old dentist chair. There was a cage with a bench on it and other types of leather clad benches. The man had calmed down his cries and it was more of a whimper by now. We signed a waiver and had our ID’s photo copied. We got the tour. The bottom floor was quiet and had many places to curl up and be intimate. They were called “Play spaces”. There were small rooms with more cages and other types of things for sexual lock up. We went to the lower room and right as I walked in I saw a skinny girl in a bra covered in blood. (Holy shit) I tend to think I am pretty open minded but this was like kink sensory overload. I suddenly felt very vanilla. There were crosses in every room for tying someone up on. In the lower room there was a woman tied to one, being flogged. It was cool but bizarre to watch people in the middle of these “Scenes”. I always felt kind of private about things like that. Having sex in front of people has never been a big deal to me, but this was something so different. I don’t trust people enough to be tied up in a room in front of them. One or two yes, but a roomful? That is something I will have to work up to. I need to be in control in that situation.  It was pretty slow from the normal crowd so there was not much going on and we could only stay a little while. Everyone was so nice and welcoming, it was incredible. I stayed pretty quiet and just kind of observed. I wanted to soak it all in. Being new to the BDSM community I know there are rules and strange etiquette I don’t know yet, so I did not want to offend or come across as a total idiot. I have always been interested in it but never felt comfortable in my relationships to seek it out. Until now. 

In addition to all of this I have decided that I am willing to share Loverface. He is really needing a woman to dominate him and for what ever reason I can’t seem to give him what he needs with that. It’s only one aspect of his sexual gratification so why not let him get it?! I know he loves me and it’s just play. I set him up a profile on this kinky site and let him run with it. He is usually a very shy man so to see him come out of his shell a little has been great! He is forming a friendship with a beautiful woman who I think will be able to give him the domination he needs. 

I have made some friends and am looking forward to exploring more of our sexual interests. There are things that I have seen that really turn me on, and things I never thought I would do but am now considering. This is really opening me up to myself. The more dominant women I meet, and the more I am around this crowd, the more dominant I feel. Maybe I will be able to learn how to be the dominatrix that my Loverface needs. 

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We are working on it! :-) glad you like what you see!

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