My life as a Hotwife

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Anonymous said: Hi my husband and I recently got married and we are both pretty young. He has told me that he fantasizes about me having sex with other men, and I am open to the idea. I was wondering what life is like as a hotwife, for both me and my husband?

You have to have a strong bond. The lifestyle tests your trust and faith in your marriage and partner. If you guys know you are soul mates then I say go for it. It does wonders for self esteem! :) 


Curious about #cuckolding? Here are a few signs to help you determine if you are a cuckold. 

  • It turns you on to hear all about your wife’s past sexual experiences.
  • Your dick gets hard just thinking of another man fucking your wife.
  • You love to see her flirt with other men
  • It excites you to see other men ogling your wife; in fact you prefer she dresses more like a slut wife to get more attention.
  • You dream of watching a big cock fuck your wife.
  • The ultimate cunnilingus experience revolves around your hotwife telling you about her past lovers while you eat her pussy
  • You fantasize more about her pleasure than your own
  • The thought of going down on her after she’s been with another man is heavenly


White Boys Packing Heavy Pink White Meat …

I want to find this guy! This is my dream guy!


I think this is really cool, but it appears to be pulling a lot

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As a submissive cuckold you accept your Goddess’ decisions, and are grateful for what you get.

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My husband is now writing a blog about being a husband of a hotwife. It is incredible.

REBLOG THIS if you think a healthy relationship can include BDSM.

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I do both Jay and Jane~12

I hung out with this super hot southern boy. For the integrity of the title We will call him Jay. He has a great smile, beautiful eyes and a killer personality! His body is perfect and he is so much fun. He had asked me if I was bi, and I told him I used to be but found that I was just more attracted to men. I had a girlfriend for about a year but it just never was the same. I never went down on her and our sex life was more like her and her boyfriend fucking while she ate me out. I was not attracted to her boyfriend so we never really had any fun. We did not end well and after that I never tried again. I figured I was just a straight woman. 

So anyways, he told me about his roommate. We will call her Jane. He showed her my pictures and she thought I was hot. Jay and I had a few drinks and with that southern charm he talked me into going back to his house. I told him I was apprehensive about being with her sexually. He told me it was not a big deal and we could just hang out. (Yes, I knew where this was leading. I am not that naive)

I am leaving out details only because some things are private. ;) 

I followed him home. She is beautiful. We all sat down and had more drinks. Then it was time to show off tattoos. (This is a really great ice breaker because most people have to strip) She asked me if I wanted to see her naked and of course I said “Yes”. Who wouldn’t, her body is perfect! We started kissing and touching while he watched from the couch. She then got up and went upstairs. I followed like a dog in heat. She was laying on the bed as I walked in and I climbed on top of her and started kissing her and her body. Her breasts were so small and perfect! They were perfect size for hands and mouth! Now I get why some guys like small tits. I like them too! Her tummy was flat and her skin was so soft. She kissed hard and passionate. She likes to choke and bite and pull hair. I kissed her pussy. I am a little nervous because I have never done this before, but for some reason I wanted to eat her pussy so bad. I know I am not very good at this but I am hoping she lets me practice on her! Her pussy tasted so good. I love having her clit in my mouth. Jay put his cock in her mouth. This was so fucking hot to be buried in her pussy while watching her suck his cock. We switched and she was playing with my pussy while I was sucking his cock and she made me squirt! I actually squirted for the first time! Holy FUCK, How did she do that? I climbed on his cock and started riding him and I squirted again! Holy shit! We were playing, fucking, sucking and kissing for hours. I squirted like 4 more times. I was bitten, bruised and bleeding. This was by far one of the hottest sexual experiences of my whole life! Having him fuck me in the ass while I ate her pussy was crazy hot. I can’t wait to do all of this again. I think I am bi now! :) 

Support our military. Fuck a solider! 


Saturday sept 29th,pesky you know who :)

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That is what too much coffee sounds like!

I just finished re-reading my last post and ……..WOW! It sounds so frantic! I was in such a hurry to get it out and get all the important points out that I kind of rushed it. I left tons of stuff out! Sorry. Next time, I promise, it will be better written! 



Eye contact, always.

- Master

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